Himalayan folksongs sometimes sing of beyul—hidden lands of happiness that can only be seen by those of pure heart and mind.  These utopias were not fantasies of hidden “Shangri-Las” but rather allegories of a mental state.  Many great spiritual masters teach that thought affects matter, that the world is created by our minds and that “Utopia” can only be found within.

   “Anywhere you can find true communion with other people, anywhere you can enjoy the subtleties and spiritual qualities 
of the natural world, you’ve found Taylor Camp.”
                                                                                                                                                  - From the film, TAYLOR CAMP

    “And when I die I’m not going to heaven,” howled Granny waving her stick at Wangchu. “I’m going to be reincarnated 
as a monkey so I can lie around in the sun all day and steal food from your farm.”

                                                                                                          - From the book, BHUTAN: Hidden Lands of Happiness